Sitting in the fabled Howell Mountain, Napa Valley’s first sub-AVA, Arkenstone is making wines of real character that are perfect for lovers of California Cabernet Sauvignon.

The NVD cuvee, standing for Napa Valley Distinct, is true to its name, providing a lush and rich wine that is loaded with ripe black and blue fruits, mint, dried leaves, smoke, vanilla, and black licorice.

The Krausz family in Napa Valley:

Ron and Susan Krausz purchased a small estate on Howell Mountain in 1988. Named for the famous jewel of ‘The Hobbit’ fame, Ron and Susan have taken great care in tending to their gem, this beautiful and idyllic Napa Estate.

They have decided to make Arkenstone a true domain estate, and all steps of the winemaking process, from vine to bottle, happen in the family’s beautiful underground winery, which was completed in 2008. Being on the mountain, wildlife abounds and the family shares the estate with a large variety of wildlife, showing great respect for the earth, while also acknowledging that they are simply the latest inhabitants of this beautiful place. For nearly 30 years, the Arkenstone estate has been a benchmark producer of Cabernet in Napa, and now with Jake, Ron and Susan’s son, involved, the future points toward that trend continuing on.

Somm’s notes the Arkenstone NVD:

“Arkenstone is a must-try for anyone who loves New World Cabernet. The wines are rich and lush, but also balanced. It is made for big proteins such as a ribeye or a burger, but they have managed the tannic structure so well, that you can even enjoy this wine on its own!”

– Patrick, Sommelier at Reserve Wine and Food