Our featured wine for September is a bone dry fortified wine that will be unlike anything you have ever tasted.

Drinking Sherry, especially from Valdespino, is simultaneously drinking history and transporting yourself to a bodega in Southern Spain, wait until you try it!

The Macharnudo Vineyard and Valdespino:

The Valdespino can trace their history tending the famed Macharnudo vineyard back to 1264, when Don Valdespino was gifted the plot as a reward for his heroism in war. In the present day, Sherry producers have given themselves a bad name by exporting buckets of cheap, sweet, unbalanced wines, but Valdespino has held firm to tradition.

They are the only producer in the area continuing to express the terroir of single vineyards, as most of their bottlings are from single vineyards, including Inocente. Inocente is also the last barrel fermented Fino that is made today. When you combine this with Valdespino’s penchant for going far above and beyond minimum aging requirements, you have wines that are truly special. Come try for yourself, as this wine possesses notes of salt roasted almonds, sea spray, olives, and green apple skin.

What to eat at Reserve with the Inocente:

This wine is excellent with cured meats, olives, and charcuterie. Honorable mention for whatever our Market Fish of the day is, as Sherry is MADE for seafood as well!