Our team loves summer cocktails, especially those that keep us cool as the weather heats up. These are a few of Reserve’s best summer cocktails, handcrafted for your enjoyment. Make a reservation to enjoy these refreshing cocktails inside or al fresco. 

Toddy Collins 
This draft cocktail is a summertime version of a Hot Toddy, made with jasmine-infused Tito’s Vokda, lemon, and honey. It provides a calm, smooth taste that pairs well with par fives and sunshine. 

This is a briny, savory, and light cocktail for those who love a classic Manhattan. It’s maritime theme combines fino sherry, Islay scotch, and Carpano Antica to whisk your imagination away with the tide. 

Clair de Lune 
This cocktail of the night includes Lunar Gin, a spirit included in Hendrick’s limited production series alongside yellow chartreuse and raspberry liqueur. It pairs best with raw vegetables at dusk, with Claude Debussy playing in the background.

Il Giasone 
This cocktail is named after the Italian opera, Giasone, and our team member Jason. It blends both bitter and sweet and includes Cynar, Carpano Antica, lemon, orange, and sparkling wine. Jason first crafted this cocktail and has established an Italianate flair that bolsters our cocktail offerings.

This cocktail is the desert rose that won’t kill you, a mixed drink inspired by the poisonous Adenium flower. It has a bright red hue and packs a punch with Milagro Reposado Tequila, prickly pear, Cocchi Rosa, lime, and a Tajin rim. This summer cocktail is a lovely overture to our strawberry rhubarb salad.

Don Draper
This non-alcoholic ‘Old Fashioned’ pays homage to the iconic Mad Men. The television series was dominated by whiskey drinking ad execs who, actually, were drinking iced tea. This mocktail includes our London Fog tea blend, housemade non-alcoholic orange ‘liqueur,’ and cinnamon bark. 

These best summer cocktails are only a small sampling of our full cocktail menu. Discover more by dropping by our bar. Make a reservation and join us! 

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