We are here to tell you a story.

Reserve is home to the best wine menu Grand Rapids has to offer. On the topic of grower-Champagne, Terry Theise has said, “You should drink it if you’d rather buy Champagne from a farmer than a factory. If you’d rather have wine expressive of a vineyard, and the grower’s connection to the vineyard. If you’d rather eat a local field-ripened summer tomato instead of some January tomato you buy at the supermarket tasting of nothing, then you should be drinking grower Champagne.” We purchase our wines with this philosophy in mind. We strive to tell a story.

Whether you uncover the memory of a moment long ago in a glass of your favorite wine, or unveil a new understanding of a wine you’ve never had before; wine is meant to be an adventure. An experience enjoyable by itself, however, heightened when paired with food. We at Reserve are here to guide you through the total experience. Drink good wine, eat good food, and most important have fun. These are our passions.

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