Designed to enhance what’s in your glass

Inspired by the fundamental relationship between food and wine, our menu offers enticing possibilities for your palate. With a local food menu to raise your glass to, savor each moment that comes with every bite.

Head west out of Grand Rapids you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by farms. Stop and take a closer look and you’ll see the earth is an otherworldly jet black. This is because the people who settled the area came from the Netherlands, where most arable land was underwater. When they came here, they did what they knew: found a low lying spot that was under a few feet of water, drained it, grew grains and vegetables, and grazed animals. This is West Michigan agricultural terroir in a bottle: a place where the physical character of the land and the cultural knowledge of those who settled there came together to produce something that is not repeatable elsewhere.

You can only see this picture unfold when you engage the small family farm, cook seasonally, and let yourself be guided by what nature gives you. We fill our kitchen with foods raised by our friends and neighbors in ways that only they can. Our goal is to explore what it means to cook and eat here, in this place, at this time.

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